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04/02/2009 – 10/03/2023

Mooshie Rimmer was enthusiastically welcomed into the Rimmer Family in the Spring of 2009. Spotted amongst a litter of puppies at the Dallas Animal Services shelter, Mooshie was immediately noticed for her innate resemblance to that of a cow ­­­ — sporting black spots and a cowlick of her very own. She became a sister to her older brothers, Felix and Pepe, with whom she bonded instantly. Mooshie had the warmest, gentlest eyes, which reflected the kind soul within her. Mooshie was in love with food and could catch treats from impressively far distances. Beyond food, she loved to listen to music, chase small animals in the backyard, and show Pepe who the boss was (obviously her).

Mooshie demonstrated the kind of love that forms when you decide to share your life with a true companion. A love that is never-ending. A love that expands your capacity to give and share. A love that remains in your heart, even after death. Your little howls, announcing yourself to the world on your first ride home, could have never prepared us for the presence you would become in our lives. We are in tears preparing to bring you back home, as much as we rejoiced when we carried you through our doors the very first time. We love you to the moon and back and then some.